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God and Siri

Posted by Heath Rainwater on

God and Siri...

For anyone living daily with the joy of having an iPhone (Android users you can still try to follow along) you probably have found yourself marveling at the genius and power you hold in your hand. It still amazes me after 4 years. One of the things I love most is the iPhone map feature where everyone's favorite virtual concierge...Siri...guides you from where you are to anywhere you want to go...literally guiding you mile by mile, turn by turn with a sweet soothing voice. If you get confused or overconfident and take a wrong turn or your "shortcut" leads to a dead-end...Siri doesn't get mad. She just recalculates and reroutes you. No guilt trip..no lecture. 

God is a lot like Siri only 1,000 times better. (1 billion times better than Android) 

God helps us to both choose our destination and map out our route. He has a will for our life and His will always leads us to our best life! When we know Jesus...we already know where to go and we know the Way! If we ask Him he gives us direction. He is a lamp to our feet and light to our path. He has a perfect will for us and unlike Siri He never misses a turn and always gives leads you to where you want to go. If you get confused, rebellious or even go rogue veering wildly off course...God seems un-phased. He doesn't get mad and yell making you feel ashamed or stupid. He doesn't give up on you,...but He patiently and lovingly reroutes you. His voice is soft and quiet. Sometimes we think we know a shortcut or a better way...even a better life. But God is perfect in knowledge and there are NO future upgrades to His IOS. He can be trusted with every decision you make not only because He never makes mistakes, but because He loves you! Despite a recent creepy movie...Siri does not. God loves you and His thoughts towards you are good and not evil so that you will always have a future and a hope!

God is better than Siri. He'll never quit on you, He'll never crash. He'll never give up on you and He has no glitches. If you think you have screwed too badly or your life has gone off course...just seek Him. He loves you despite your wrong turns and He will reroute you and give you a fresh start. Your best life is found in Him!

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