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The Cowpaign

Posted by Rob Wachter on with 3 Comments

There are lots of reasons my wife and I decided to partner with Grace Point Northwest. As we began thinking about the perfect awareness campaign for the church plant, several good and not so good ideas were considered... including cows.

Cows are pretty funny creatures, we thought, and there are lots of them in Enumclaw! So, what better way to illustrate to others the various benefits of joining the church? Hence, the cowpaign idea was born (thanks in large part to my wife, Annie).

Take a look at the ads below for a good laugh. And, I would love to feature your cowpaign idea, so if you have one... do share!

Finding the church you've always been searching for is exciting.

cowpaign 1

finding a church you're not embarrassed to bring a friend to is a relief.

cowpaign 2

Finding a church that understands god's grace and is not legalistic is liberating.

escape religion

finding a church that will accept you despite your flaws is essential.

mad cow

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Brenda & Tod Snope June 28, 2014 8:13pm

This is so funny!!! We are still laughing! MOO MOO

Lauren Gibbons September 11, 2014 10:30am

Very cute and creative outreach :)

keijo September 27, 2014 10:22am

Yes I love too cows and very nice to take in that here to joy that a picture in faith with the lord and be thankful and more content to move on in bless,thanks and bless,keijo sweden